Plus Size modelling is increasingly popular as fashion designers have come to realise that size 0 does not represent the everyday woman. So the current market for Plus Size Models is blooming with numerous agencies and advertisers in search of women of all shapes and sizes. The majority of high street fashion stores are now stocking a large variety if plus size clothing range to meet the demand for their customer, and now women from around the world are joining the bandwagon on becoming Plus Size Models.


Plus Size Modelling jobs will always be available in both the clothing industry and commercial modelling. Plus Size Models are as specifically chosen for their size in exactly the same way as the wafer thin editorial models are for theirs. Ideally Plus Size Models should be at least 5 feet 7 inches tall and dress size 10 and upwards. Their body should be toned and well balanced, but not with muscles. They should be quite pretty with impeccable grooming routine and have a friendly warm disposition that shines through in photographs. It is in the clothing industry that these models will find they are needed the most. Only Plus Size Models can model plus size clothes, there is simply no alternative if the advertiser wants the product to be truly represented. However, a bubbly personality will get any model noticed and character role jobs are always becoming available in commercial modelling.


Advertising campaigns, commercial and promotional avenues are no longer the only opportunities out there available to Plus Size Models, as top fashion designers like Chanel are now using the bigger models for catwalk shows. Although commercial agencies are the dominating force behind Plus Size Modelling, there are now modelling agencies coming into sole existence for the purpose of signing Plus Size Models.

Like the majority of any type of modelling, you will always expect stiff competition, so the only way to truly succeed is through a lot of hard work physically to fulfil the client’s requirement to stay in shape for the job as you will be competing against hundreds of other Plus Size Models like yourself around the country for that one single role.


To have an effective modelling presence a good quality portfolio is essential. It will say a great deal to a prospective employer when they are looking through it. Apart from a portfolio, a letter of introduction is also a very good idea. It should contain not only essential details such as name, age-etc. it should also have interesting information that reveal personal capabilities and ambitions. Just like portfolio photographs these introductory letters should be extremely well presented. Plus Size Models are also required to have personalized Z Cards for distribution to trade; they must be paid for unless the model is attached to a particular agency that absorbs such costs. A personalised website would also be a huge boost for Plus Size Models. Clients can freely browse at any time they choose as well as having the option to leave messages. Another major website plus is the fact that they can bring in work from totally unexpected sources. For example, someone surfing the web and landed on a models website purely by chance.


Plus Size Models because of their size probably need to show more natural confidence than any other model. However, once they do have that confidence it is most compelling that such models will have prospects of a great career. Plus Size Models that oozes with confidence will look great in every kind of outfit from swimsuits, underwear, sportswear, in fact any type of clothing. Starting out in a competitive business is difficult as an unknown; on the other hand the model gurus are always on the lookout for fresh faces. Plus Size Models should try to exploit this fact with a confident entrance; the sooner they attract positive comment towards themselves the sooner their career will flourish.

Finally, refer carefully above to the basic blueprint for Plus Size Models. If of course you fit the requirements, fill in our contact form below and we will direct you towards the appropriate Plus Size Modelling organisations. Please attach a photo with your submission.

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