Teenage models are usually aged between 13-17 years old, and needless to say, like any other type of modelling, the industry in itself is heavily influenced by physical appearances. When modelling agents look for Teenage Models they adhere to a very specific set of physical attributes. That includes a model being tall and slim; clear skin, balanced features, healthy hair and nails, naturally photogenic with good posture. If you possess these crucial concoctions only then will you have a chance at making it as a model.


The law surrounding teenage models states that while the underage model is in full time education, modelling it not something they can pursue alone unless they are supported and accompanied by a parent, guardian or a registered chaperon at all times if their parents cannot be present. A license will be required if teenage models are to undertake a leave of absence at school, earning an income for any type of modelling job, or if they are modelling in excess of three days in any six-month period.


Although hugely competitive, there is a mass market for teenage models where advertisers wanting to promote their products and brands are continually in search of young boys and girls for roles in television and billboard ads, advertising campaigns, runway shows and fashion editorials. It is important to always remember that teenage models are clothes hangers and their role in the fashion industry quite simply is to showcase the most exclusive new trends in clothes, accessories, skincare, cosmetics and perfumes. So looking after your skin, hair, and body is of paramount importance.


Teenage models needs to be well educated on every aspect of modelling before making an informed decision about getting into the industry. Do your research into whether you would rather be represented by a model agency or go down the route of freelance modelling, either way you would need a modelling portfolio to get you off the ground. Consider employing a professional who can not only help with a portfolio but who can also help you find your angles. This is something that contributes to the second most important trait in modelling; teenage models must be photogenic.


It is imperative to always bear in mind that modelling is a very competitive industry, although exciting with the potential to earn a healthy living comes the reality of rejection from attending numerous castings and auditions. At such a delicate age modelling should be considered a hobby as oppose to a full-time profession. So be realistic when deciding your path, do not forfeit your education, as schoolwork should always be top priority, a realisation that should be at the forefront of teenage models and parent minds.

Modelling has about a 95% rejection rate, and the miniature percentage which does get signed by an agency is never guaranteed any work.  No matter how gorgeous you are or how blessed you are at posing in front of the camera, it always come down to your ability to do the job that gets you signed. Model Agencies appreciates the significance of education and is often flexible with arranging shoots after school/work hours, on weekends and in the school holidays.


Modelling is also stressful in the sense where Teenage Models are exposed to a variety of potentially self-destructive influences. Although exceptionally glamorous, it does come with an element of risk with many Teenage Models falling victim to drugs and alcohol abuse, excessive partying and poor diet regimes. So it is very important for teenagers to have that strong, solid family support structure to help maintain their grounded personalities and ensure they do not succumb to the temptation surrounding the glamour of the industry.

Finally, Teenage Models need to exhibit ambition, enthusiasm, courage and a determination to succeed at all cost, as modelling isn’t just a walk in the park, like being at school or at a job it requires the ability to follow directions with a willing demeanor, professionalism, in the form of punctuality and reliability, accompanied by a considerate and pleasant disposition is the key ingredients of a successful modelling career.

Refer carefully above to the basic blueprint for Teenage Models. If you feel you fit the requirements, fill in our contact form below and we will direct you towards the appropriate Teenage Modelling organisation. Please attach a photo with the contact form below.

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